Nirvana Reveal If Dave Grohl Made More Money Than Kurt Cobain


iRockRadio’s Mike Karolyi recently interviewed former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg regarding Goldberg’s book Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain. Goldberg said during the interview that Dave Grohl has made more money than Kurt Cobain ever did in his lifetime. Alternative Nation transcribed Goldberg’s comments.

Karolyi: It’s interesting as I look at that scope, there were a lot of what I would consider rock icons prior to 1990 but 1990 to today.

Goldberg: He may be the last one. You know, there are big stars, Dave Grohl himself is obviously a big rock star and has had a lot of hits.

Karolyl: Right, an icon.

Goldberg: But I don’t think Dave, as talented as he is and he certainly has made a lot more money than Kurt made in his lifetime, touches people as deeply. I suspect Dave would acknowledge that too. I think that in terms of icons, Kurt was kind of the last icon of the rock era and then the hip-hop era started.

Then obviously in our kid’s generation, hip-hop has been a dominant voice for adolescence. It’s not the only one, there were still rock artists but not only was he iconic in terms of the depth in which he touched people, that music was pop. Those songs were as big as Rihanna, Travis Scott or Justin Bieber or anything today.

They were pop hits as well as touching the underground culture. That fusion of pop and underground, I don’t think rock has produced someone else who could do that since Kurt. I think he’s arguably the last of that era. You could almost have bookends of an era that started with The Beatles and ended with Kurt. I mean, yeah, there was rock and roll before The Beatles but The Beatles broadened it and I think you can make that argument.