Metallica Drummer Details Final Rage Against The Machine Show ‘Beat Down’


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich discussed attending Rage Against The Machine’s final 2011 LA Rising performance in a new It’s Electric Beats 1 podcast with Tom Morello. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Lars Ulrich: Speaking of beat downs at the Coliseum though, I will have to say a 2011 show when you guys played with Muse, and I flew down just to see the show, and the fucking ass kicking that stadium took.

Tom Morello: That was the last Rage Against The Machine show.

Lars: Really? Wow. That was the highest fucking musical note one can have then.

Tom: If that’s the last one, it feels pretty good that we went out on a high one.

Lars: Someone walked me into the photography pit. Sitting there, you are like 8 feet away, right up there. You guys are playing Killing In The Name Of as the last song. I look back, and there are 75,000 people going batshit crazy, yelling back ‘fuck you.’ This is the definition of when an audience and band connect in a live setting. When I think of that moment, I get fucking goosebumps.

Tom: I felt those goosebumps too.

Watch the full video below.