Metallica Eat Insects In Disgusting New Photo


Metallica members Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo have posted a new photo where they are about to eat insects.

“Jam Snacks! #lunchbreak.”

Metallica also recently launched their own beer, which Lars Ulrich discussed in a Chicago Tribune interview last month.

“For some time now — maybe five years, give or take — we’ve been interested in how we can connect with our fans in new ways, and how we can have more things to share with them and connect on the Metallica experience. A few of our peers have done wine and beer and spirits, and we’ve watched from the sideline and wondered how we can go down this path. About two years ago, we hired a couple people to start looking into this whole thing; we like to do things on our own and independent, but the more we understood the beer world, we realized it was smart to find a partner in crime.

We liked how Stone has positioned themselves in relation to the bigger beer companies, how they’ve become one of the most beloved craft breweries and how they distribute other craft beers. We felt there were a lot of similarities in the way they positioned themselves in their world and that they would be a natural partner. Last summer Greg and I found ourselves sharing Danish delicacies at a restaurant in Copenhagen and, over a couple hours, felt we had a lot of potential. There was an organic element in both our stories that the other appreciated, and in our journeys.”