Metallica Ex-Bassist Breaks Silence On Assault Rumor


Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney has confirmed Dave Mustaine’s story admitting to punching James Hetfield in a new tweet.

Getting a song request from the legendary Metallica, who came to your show is a rarity. While, many would love the opportunity to fulfil the request, The Mars Volta rejected to do that.

The Mars Volta reveals request from Metallica

While chatting with Zane Lowe, the band’s Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala recalled how Metallica came to one of their shows and asked them to perform “Inertiatic ESP.” Bixler-Zavala explains (via Metal Injection):

We met them in New Zealand. They came to our show and they were like, are you going to play this song? We’re like, no, we don’t play that anymore. Sorry. And he’s there. I’m like, God, we should play it for him at least.

“We didn’t play it. We were very stubborn about where we were. It was something from the first records. We were like, we’re here now. We understand people really love that, but we’re very selfish like that. But it was cool to meet them. It was like, wow.”

Rodríguez-López then recalled how Metallica once played the song during their regular pre-show rehearsals. He said:

“Yeah. You know how they rehearse or just jam before going on stage? They played at the stadium in walking distance from my house when I lived in Mexico. So, they played right at the, is that the little [spanish] I think it was. Yeah. Sorry Guadalajara if I got that wrong. They’re very particular about their… But so I walked up there, got it in and stuff and they invited me back there and then I could just see them whispering something. And then they played ‘Inertiatic.’ Yeah. It was really cool.

“It was really cool. I felt honored just to be back there because that’s their private time before they go on stage. And the fact that they invited me to be in their space felt really beautiful. And we all grew up with that. We all grew up with that stuff.”