Metallica Got Huge Bill After Getting Drunk In Studio


During a conversation with Sonic Perspectives, Anthrax bassist Frank Bello recalled a hilarious incident that involved his band and Metallica. Frank is currently promoting a new book titled “Fathers, Brothers & Sons.” During the interview, he was asked about the time when he got drunk with the Metallica members and then they broke into Kirk’s [Hammett] studio. It has been also noted that they were jamming drunk, and he wasn’t there, he went home early and went to bed.

Frank Bello recalls the incident

Frank Bello recollected “the drinking days with Metallica.” He revealed that they had come to the show and Anthrax was playing in San Francisco. Bello said that they got drunk and sneaked into Kirk’s house and started jamming. Kirk was angry about it as he was sleeping and berated them.

Though he left, he returned back to Kirk’s house to apologize. He had gone to the front door which was a “big beautiful glass door”. He rang the bell but it went unanswered. He recalled leaning back on the door but somehow lost his balance and fell into the door as it shattered.

The next day in the hotel room, his tour manager showed up and informed that the door had a huge price:

“He has a piece of paper in his hand, he goes, ‘Frank, where were you last night?’ I said, ‘We went out with the Metallica guys, had a great time, a little hungover…’. He said, ‘You did, huh? Well, this was just faxed to me, it’s a bill, an invoice.’ $13,000 for one big door! Look, I didn’t have fucking $13,000, I was scared shitless! And I’m looking at it, ‘I can’t afford this. What the fuck? This is 13,000!’ I wasn’t making that kind of money.”

He was later informed that the door was worth of only $850.