Stone Temple Pilots Release Scott Weiland Tribute ‘Memories Of Candles & Incense’


Stone Temple Pilots’ surviving members Robert DeLeo, Dean DeLeo, and Eric Kretz have released an emotional tribute to their late frontman Scott Weiland. In the video, the band listen back to “Atlanta” off of 1999’s No. 4.

Robert: Dean, Eric, and I wanted to honor Scott, and we thought the best way to do that would be musically. We chose this song because we felt it was one of the times in his career where Scott was truly at his best.

When you hear this track, we hope to share in the same feeling, and spirit, that each of us had while recording it. The four of us in a room, capturing a moment in time on tape. So enjoy the song, and the depth of this brilliant performance from Scott.

Once again, another amazing vocal performance from Scott. This is one song in particular that hits me the same way today as it did the day that we recorded it. I mean, love how he crafted such great lyrics, melody, and that true and honest tone in his voice. It was truly something special.

Robert: You know, pulling up the multitracks of this song 16 years after it was recorded was very emotional, especially with Scott’s passing. It brought back a lot of great memories of the person who added so much to these songs. This music lives on, and we’ll always remember Scott this way.

STP have also released two alternate versions of “Atlanta” on their official website.