Metallica Legend Is Losing Voice After Surgery


It is inevitable with age that the body begins to wear out. Dave Mustaine, Megadeth frontman and former Metallica guitarist, is sadly coming to the realization that his voice isn’t what it used to be. However, he is admitting it to fans so as not to disapoint.

In a recent article published by Blabbermouth, Mustaine elaborated:

“Well, I don’t really know what I cannot do that I used to do 40 years ago. I think that probably the only thing I have any difficulty doing is getting up in a certain pitch now that I’ve had my neck operated on and had a metal plate put into my spine because of the damage that happened to my neck.

“It’s a wonder, based on everything that’s happened, the guy (our Lord God) upstairs is even letting me continue to do what I love”.

“I don’t wanna be a victim — I can’t stand people who play the victim — so I’m not gonna give you a litany of all my injuries. But suffice to say, I feel great right now, and I don’t really think there’s anything that I cannot do.

Mustaine and Megadeth have had a lengthy career spanning four decades. If they can continue performing, albeit, less loud than previously, perhaps they can continue for a few more.