Metallica Make Embarrassing Ghost Money Revelation


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett claimed to Ghost frontman Tobias Forge that he didn’t have a lot of money when the band released their early albums, which led to him buying Fernandes guitars. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments from a new video. Tobias Forge recently made a heartbreaking Metallica revelation.

“They only had limited distribution. Fernandes was a small guitar company from Japan. They had limited distribution. I only knew of a few places to buy those guitars. I bought one because at the time we weren’t selling selling that many albums, but a Fernandes guitar was a good guitar for the money.

It wasn’t like ESP or even Fender or Gibson, but they were still made well, and they sounded good, and that’s why I played one. It was one of the better Strats that was not a Fender.”

Hammett also told Forge, “Those are hard guitars to find in the States. In the Eighties there were only a few places that sold Fernandes guitars and that’s how I ended up with mine. How did you end up with one, all the way in Sweden? Did you contact Fernandes?”

Forge responded, “No way. I was seven or eight years old, and this must be in ’88 or ’89, and I found one at the guitar shop in Linköping where I was born.”