Metallica Make Terrible Money Revelation, Who Is Broke?


Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo was recently interviewed by Forbes about feeding the hungry on his “Day Of Service.” Metallica started the All Within My Hands charity a few years ago. Trujillo also revealed that they telling struggling bands with no money that they should not expect to get rich in today’s music climate.

“There are so many different kinds of people. It’s a little bit crazy and difficult to figure out who’s who and why they’re in the situation they’re in. But when you can kind of see it and be in it for your own self at least you know what’s going on. That way you’re not passing judgment on everybody and generalizing, “Well, these people, it’s their problem.” That’s not a healthy way to think cause that’s not the case. Everybody’s got their story and their reason why they’re there.

If we can at least provide the food, not waste it, get the volunteers in full effect; our fan base, other people’s fan bases, the universities, regular people who want to contribute, it’s all for the positive and for the good. And I believe in positive energy and giving back as much as I can. We’re fortunate as a band, and it’s hard times for bands right now.

Young bands coming up I always say, ‘Be creative, have fun, don’t expect riches, that’s not what it’s about.’ Fortunately, for us, Metallica’s been around a long time. For whatever reason the wave is still going and hey, let’s take the energy of that wave and let’s contribute to this and day of service is a special day because we can bring the awareness.”