Led Zeppelin Icon’s Girlfriend Reveals How He Is In Bed


We reported yesterday on Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page being photographed with his 29-year old girlfriend Scarlett Sabet earlier this week at the launch of her new volume of poetry, Camille.

New details have surfaced about Page and Scarlett at the event, including a strong hint that Page is still ready to ‘rock and roll’ in the bedroom despite his older age. Scarlett, who is 46 years younger than Page, recited a selection of her verse to friends at Mortimer House in London, The Daily Mail reports. Just as she was about to read out a poem on sexual passion, she teased: ‘I’ll let you guess who this is about.’ At which a guest heckled: ‘It’s obviously Jimmy!’ Gross! But good for them I guess?

Jimmy Page sent a video message that was played at the Chris Cornell ‘I Am The Highway’ tribute show before Soundgarden took the stage.

“Hello, I’m Jimmy Page, and I’m actually over here in London sending this video link to Matt, Kim, and Ben. I wish I could be with you there evening, but believe me, I’m there in spirit.

I want to congratulate you on getting this event together to celebrate Chris’ music. I also want to say that [I love] the input that you put into Soundgarden from the records, because I got hooked on your music from the first album.

I also came to hear you play, and I was always astonished at the way you were all glued together. For me it’s what a band is all about. Have a wonderful evening.”