Metallica Member Reveals ‘Crazy’ Haircut Photo


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has made a new post on Instagram about the band returning to El Paso, Texas after 27 years, along with a photo of himself with a ‘crazy’ haircut when he was younger. He hinted he’s incapable of having hair like that in 2019.

“I love playing in cities again that we haven’t visited since the Black Album tour, because it gives me another shameless opportunity to post a picture of me with no shirt on and crazy rocker hair, which for obvious reasons can’t really be done anymore….

so here in all it’s glory is another picture from 1992 commemorating the fact that we haven’t been to El Paso in 27 years!!”

He posted earlier, “Touchdown El Paso… we are back in your beautiful city. One day countdown…rock show tomorrow.

Once again, who’s joining for the kick off of the final North American leg of 2019?? #wanna #metinelpaso #worldwired”

He posted earlier this week, “16 years ago today, this handsome Whiskey Warlord joined the ‘Tallica party… Roberto Agustín Miguel Santiago Samuel Perez de la Santa Concepcíon Trujillo Veracruz Bautista, the man with the single most rocking name ever, but known simply as Rob T in my are the coolest cat in any room and I’m fuckin grateful to share this crazy ride with you. #wanna @robtrujillo #whiskeywarlord 📸 by @rosshalfin.”