Metallica React To Stunning Jason Newsted Reunion


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich discussed the band’s reunion with Jason Newsted at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a decade ago in a new Instagram post.

“..and so the next day, Saturday the 4th, we were inducted!

The four of us, Cliff and Jason.

In the @RockHall.

With all these legends and musical heroes of ours.


Total mindfuck.

Flea did the honors and shared an incredibly powerful speech about being musical outsiders and having the disenfranchised music fans coming to seek solace with us at the edge of the mainstream.

We gave our thank you and appreciation speeches, connecting with each other and connecting with the audience… And then, at least in my case, off with most of the pieces of the monkey suit, and now let’s fucking rock..Puppets and Sandman were delivered to the unsuspecting gathered masses, and the evenings customary jam took shape in the form of the rock standard Train Kept a Rollin, featuring a bunch of up and coming (!!!) guitar players… Jeff Beck, Joe Perry, Ron Wood, Jimmy Page… and the man himself Flea joining the four of us and Jason for a way metaled up version. Kirk was in guitar hero heaven and I was trying to hold down the fort to the best of my ability as I glanced across the stage, not only jamming with my brothers, but more guitar legends than you could shake a stick at…

Did I use the word mindfuck?

How about total mindfuck ?

Afterwords we joined our 250+ friends and guests for another round of way too late into the night shenanigans …And come Sunday morning, now as Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees, the whole thing seemed both way cool and way surreal!!

Happy 10th anniversary to one fuck of a weekend!

Thanks for having us Cleoveland!!”