Metallica Social Media Account May Have Been Compromised


It appears that Metallica’s official Twitter account may have been compromised by crypto scammers, leading to unauthorized promotion of a Solana token named METAL. The tweet claimed the token would innovate event experiences and online shopping in partnership with Ticketmaster, promising exclusive discounts and benefits.

“Get ready for the takeover. Tap into $METAL, a dynamic new token on the Solana blockchain poised to revolutionize how you experience events and shop online. In collaboration with Ticketmaster. $METAL opens doors to exclusive discounts-imagine snagging 25% off ticket purchases just by using $METAL at checkout! Whether you’re at a Metallica concert or browsing the online store, $METAL seamlessly integrates into your shopping experience, powered by the reliability of Solana for effortless transactions. Embrace $METAL for its promise of widespread adoption across the Solana ecosystem-where buying, earning, and paying become streamlined and rewarding. Join the movement, and elevate your interactions with $METAL today!”

Metallica, however, has not issued any official statements regarding this token or collaboration with Ticketmaster. The tweet promoting $METAL has since been deleted, indicating it was not authorized by the band.

MoonPay, a payment gateway, was erroneously linked to the METAL token in the fraudulent tweets from Metallica’s account. MoonPay’s president, Keith Grossman, promptly clarified on X that MoonPay does not support $METAL, disassociating the company from the scam.

“MoonPay does NOT support $METAL.”

In response to the incident, MoonPay emphasized the scam nature of the METAL token, referencing Metallica’s 1986 album and single “Master of Puppets” to stress that the token was not legitimate.

“If someone is offering you a METAL token, they are not the master of puppets — they’re the master of scams!”

Fans expressed concern under the deleted were actually pretty concerned, suspecting that Metallica’s account had been hacked. Many voiced worries and sought confirmation from MoonPay to verify the authenticity of the promotion, which MoonPay later clarified as false.

“Absolutely hacked.”

“Please check-in so we know y’all are okay. Do we need to send help???”

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