Metallica’s Surprising Reaction To Fans Calling Them Old And Less Heavy


Kirk Hammett reacted to fans who accuse Metallica of not rocking quite as hard as they used to due to their age in a new interview.

“I realize when someone says as such that it is more about them, their perspective, their life, that they are projecting,” says Hammett with a laugh. “Maybe they can’t handle having aged 35 years. We do what we want to do – use our own instincts –and if it feels good, we hit it. We’re not worried about someone outside of the room second guessing what we do. Just the four guys inside of that room matter.”

He also praised James Hetfield’s songwriting.

“James is a poet, man. Every time an album comes to bear, I’m surprised at his word-smith-ing, his sensitivity toward human nature and the human dialog. You don’t get that when speaking or hanging with him, but he’s way sensitive and very in tune. He’d probably be uncomfortable if he knew I was calling him all this.”

Hammett said collaborations like the band’s recent Grammys performance with Lady Gaga are a result of Metallica being less guarded than they used to be.

“I do think we were guarded about who we’d let into our circle, maybe overly controlling,” says Hammett. “In the last 10 years however, we’ve opened ourselves up, to other things, other people, more open in our thinking.”