Michael Anthony Reveals Truth About Van Halen Replacement


Being the son of a huge rockstar can be easy or it can be hard. Sometimes, you will have a child go on to do something totally different and stay out of the limelight. Other times, the child will go on to follow the exact footsteps on their parents. Following those footsteps can be horrible both mentally and physically. The child is then held up to a standard that can’t always be achieved.

Thankfully, (Via UG) Michael Anthony is taking the side of Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang who has become the center focus of comparison. The former Van Halen bassist was very open about what is going on in that space via Eddie and Wolfgang being compared. Michael Anthony spoke highly of Wolfgang and how he’s “doing his own thing now.”

This take that he has is very admirable as he actually take’s the side of Wolfgang. This is a rare take as many would rather take the side of Eddie due to being closer to him. During this period, Michael started reflecting on how Wolfgang is always associated with his father’s work, Anthony commented: “Obviously, you get pigeonholed into it, you know? He doesn’t want to be known as Eddie Van Halen’s kid his whole life. He wants to go out there and make a name for himself, which I totally understand and I agree with.”

We will have to see how Wolfgang reacts as he continues to further his career in the music world. Wolfgang is very talented and there are currently no signs of stopping just yet as he is still very young with a lot of time left. His lifestyle does seem slower paced as contrast to his father’s very fast lifestyle. We should be seeing and hearing a lot of the star as time continues to move forward.