Kurt Cobain Daughter & Johnny Depp Bombshell Leaks


In a newly deleted post on social media via Instagram, Hole frontwoman and the widow of late Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Nirvana lead singer, Kurt Cobain revealed that A-list actor Johnny Depp saved her life at one point in time. This happened in 1995 when Love was still dealing with the suicide of her husband the previous year. The two would have a daughter together named Frances Bean, who is doing fairly well for herself.

According to the video, the ‘Doll Parts’ singer proclaimed: “I don’t really wanna make judgments publicly. I just want to tell you that Johnny gave me CPR in 1995 when I overdosed outside The Viper Room. Johnny, when I was on crack and Frances was having to suffer through that with all these social workers, wrote her a four-page letter that she’s never showed me,” said Love, adding that she didn’t “really know” Depp at the time.

She continued: “Then he sent limos to her school where all the social workers were crawling around, again, unasked, for her and all her friends to go to ‘Pirates [of the Caribbean]’” Love continued. “He did it a bunch of times. He gave her her own seat [at the premieres] with her name on it.”

Later concludingly: “I’ve never seen one of those ‘Pirates’ movies, but [Frances] loved them,” Love shared. “You know, she said to me when she was 13, ‘Mama, he saved my life.’ And she said it again.”

In other news regarding Courtney Love, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, she revealed the last time she listened to Nirvana’s classic and iconic album, Nevermind from front to back for the LP’s thirty year anniversary. Credit to the outlet for the below.

“I was in Germany on a promo tour for “Pretty on the Inside” in October. I was in this Mercedes S-Class sedan with a Bang & Olufsen sound system, blasting down the Autobahn. Hearing it in that context was like being in an entirely different world. For a few days, we just listened to it again and again.”