Michael Anthony Reveals Van Halen Singer Reunion Photo


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar reunited with his siblings for the first time during the pandemic a couple of days ago, and Michael Anthony left an emotional comment in response to the photo, which seeing Hagar with his brother and two sisters. The Eddie Van Halen last photo with Sammy Hagar was just revealed.

Hagar wrote, “First time since Covid the four of us (my brother and two sisters) have gotten together what a Beautiful thing to be able to spend time with your family & loved ones. #hugs #family.” Michael Anthony commented, “Family❤️.”

Mikeyninefingers commented, “Did you get all the vocal genes or can one of your siblings belt one out also?” Hagar responded, “No they’re better at building one down ha ha.” He added, “Belting that is😂🥂.”

susie_barnum asked, “Were they all born in Salinas? We were all born there.” Hagar answered, “No just me everybody else was born all over the place ha ha.” Thomasbottiglia said, “Wow Sammy, nice photo! You and your brother still have a full head of hair! ✌️”

Hagar shot back, “Isn’t that crazy he’s three years older than me and he has even more hair than I do.” Rob_sandlin chimed in, “Very cool! My mom’s 92 we got to be real careful. I will be getting her over here at my house for my 62nd birthday though!”