Michael Jackson Bandmate Drops Kurt Cobain Bombshell


Michael Jackson was a huge part of the 1980s. It’s safe to say that he made the 1980s what it was for pop culture not just through music, but through film and product placement as well. Along with Michael during that time period was his guitarist, Jennifer Batten who leant her incredible string work to the icon. In a recently released interview, Jennifer opens up about what she was fond of during that decade and what she wishes to leave in the past.

Jennifer Batten has worked with the best in the music industry. Not only has she done work for Michael Jackson, but she’s also worked with such acts as Jeff Beck and many others. During a recent interview, Jennifer opened up about the big hair era and how Nirvana changed the whole landscape of music once they popped.

As stated by Jennifer, Kurt Cobain ended the guitar solo: “I think it was a vibrant era. MTV helped elevate it to another level. And it was a really supreme guitar era energized by Van Halen. Every song had a guitar solo in it, which did not necessarily happen once Nirvana hit. So I have fond memories of it.”

It’s safe to say that by looking at the above quote that Jennifer was more-so a fan of the wall of sound that was the 1980s scheme of rock. That’s not to say that she didn’t find any 1990s rock appealing, but as a guitarist of her standard – she was into the solos.

She continues: “Although I do still wear hairspray, I don’t miss the extreme spray of those days. Every era has ridiculous fashion. You know, when you’re in the fashion, you go, ‘Oh, I need those parachute pants! I must have those!’ 10 or 20 years later, you go, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe I wore that.'”

It will be a treat to see what this generation looks back on in disgust for fashion.

Special thanks to Ultimate Guitar.