Michael Jackson Daughter Looks Miserable In Photos


The pop icon Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson recently went through a scary experience this past weekend. The 24-year-old artist looked miserable.

Paris Jackson was upset

Paris was photographed as she searched for her dog, which was lost in her neighborhood. She looked understandably distressed, wearing comfortable clothes and carrying her dog’s leash in her hand.

Jackson was wearing a sweater, some maroon leggings and matching furry boots. She wore her hair in a darker shade of brown and was carrying her dog’s leash in one hand and her cell phone in the other. She seems to have found her dog quickly, appearing in a photo with him in her lap, as the two drove off in her friend’s Porsche.

A couple of days ago, Jackson shared some photos alongside her dog, a pitbull rescue named Koa. The photos show the two cuddling and having a good time, with one photo showing Koa looking adorably at the camera. “Babe,” she captioned it.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Jackson and her family were spotted celebrating the new year in Lake Tahoe. She was accompanied by her brothers, Blanket and Prince. Joining them was also Justin Long, one of Paris Jackson’s bandmates. The group appeared to have fun while skateboarding and skiing. Jackson rumoredly fell and had to relax at home, but rejoined her group later on in the day to make the most of their vacation together.