Howard Stern Leaks ‘Embarrassing’ Jimmy Page Bedroom Claim


Howard Stern interviewed John Stamos on his show, and Stamos discussed Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page yelling at him in a hotel bedroom for not knowing how to play a The Beach Boys song right. Howard Stern recently made a sad Freddie Mercury claim. recapped: John asked if Howard is down to one day a week now that he’s signed another contract. Howard joked that they are. Howard said it seems like John has had some kind of Epiphany of some type. John said that he doesn’t want to be a poster boy for it but he feels great and even. He said that it’s been six months now. He said he started the Fuller House thing and then grand fathered. Howard said that he wants to know more about Grandfathered. He said it’s also awesome that he’s the drummer in the Beach Boys.

Howard said he has this other dimension to him. He said that’s more impressive than anything. Howard said the Beach Boys are legendary. John said it’s like Howard playing for the Beatles. He said he sort of weaseled his way into the band. He said Dennis Wilson died in 1983 or so and he sort of hung out with them and he played with them for the first time in 1985. He said they let him sit in to play one song at the time. Howard asked if it was a goof. John said sort of. He said that they always had two drummers so they were used to it. He said it all started out like that.

Howard asked why they allowed him on stage. John said he was a celebrity and the stage was very loose. He said it was a party atmosphere on stage then. He said one of the shows they did was at the Washington Monument and Jimmy Page was playing guitar with them. He said they went up to visit Jimmy in his hotel room to teach him the keys they do the songs in. He said that he was just 20 at the time and Jimmy said that he can’t solo in E flat. He said he got yelled at over that.

John said that he can understand why people would be upset with him playing with the band. He said in his heart he feels that he did introduce this music to a younger generation. He said he just wanted to spread the music to young kids. He said that kids were hearing this music. He said he toured a lot with them too. He said he did 50 shows a year with them at times. John said that you really feel like a rock start playing up there but then you go up to your hotel room and feel like a dufus. Jimmy Page recently made a bold Scarlett Johansson bedroom claim.