Michael Jackson Dropped Princess Diana Bombshell


The former now late pop singer Michael Jackson was almost always embroiled in some type of media controversy towards the end of his life. In retrospect, the singer didn’t have an easy life in the emotional department. It is being revealed that Michael at one time dropped a major bombshell regarding the late princess Diana. What was that bombshell?

According to a report by Yahoo, Lisa Marie Presley states that Michael would drink and curse and not speak in “that high voice.” They visited at least one children’s hospital together and held hands in public. Questioned about their sex life in their notorious joint interview in 1995 with Diane Sawyer, Presley replied, “We’re together all the time … how can you fake that 24 hours a day with somebody?” But her much-documented time with the King of Pop involved awkward PDAs, especially at the 1994 MTV Music Video Awards (“not my idea — I became part of a PR machine,” she told Rolling Stone), and an increasing strain between them over having children. Later, she told Oprah Winfrey that she gave Jackson an ultimatum — her or drugs. In January 1996, she filed for divorce.

The marriage, it seems, also briefly derailed her burgeoning music career. Weeks after she married Jackson, Schilling and Jackson met in Las Vegas, and with Presley out of the room, Jackson asked Schilling, “What’s this about Lisa and recording?” As Schilling recalls, “He didn’t have that little voice. He had his business voice. He said, ‘It would be like Princess Di [who was still alive at the time] cutting an album. She doesn’t really need that.’” In what Schilling feels was likely a mutual decision on both Presley and Jackson’s part, her first major shot in the music business was put on pause. (Neither Tommy Mottola, the former head of Sony Music, nor Dave Glew, one-time head of Epic, recalls the incident, although Mottola does add, “We got some demos and I heard some songs, which were pretty good, but we didn’t release anything.”)