Jessica Simpson Accused Of Racism With Photo


It’s never gratifying when former fans slam you for something that might generally be out of your control, or for something to do with vanity. The singer, Jessica Simpson has this week incurred some rather unwelcomed attention from fans who decided to openly slam Simpson for a detail in a new photograph.

As per 7 NEWS, Jessica Simpson Style is the entrepreneur’s fashion line. The line launched in 2015 under the name The Jessica Simpson Collection.

“Powerful things coming in 2023! Meeting with my @jessicasimpsonstyle ladies on #internationalwomensday talkin’ about what’s next for the brand,” Simpson, who is now 42, began. “What excitin’ things do y’all want us to add to the Collection this year?”

She ended the caption with the quote: “Strong women fight with grace in their heart, kindness in their voice, and love in their souls.”

Commenters regarding the post were quick to blast the beauty business owner (Simpson) over a perceived lack of diversity on the team.

“I don’t see any diversity in this photo. Just shows how much more work we need to do 🙄,” one said.

Baring in mind, commenters are not in charge of Simpson’s business. In reality, it is Simpson’s decision to promote whatever she chooses to promote as many businesses do. Take Popeye’s for example. 

“If you mixed in women of all different backgrounds, it would bring a whole new perspective to your styling!” added another.

“It’s great to see all women at this table but it’s extremely disappointing to see the lack of diversity,” a third said. Each to his or her own.