Mick Jagger Disturbing Remark After Surgery Revealed


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is sadly feeling insecure about his looks after having heart surgery, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Jagger reportedly stayed backstage when attending his girlfriend Melanie Hamrick’s ballet show on April 18th, Porte Rouge. He told an event insider he was staying out of public view because he “didn’t quite look like Mick Jagger.” Jagger wore black jeans, a black jacket, and sneakers.

He did say via loudspeaker, “Mick Jagger here. Hope you enjoy this wonderful new ballet and the music.” Porte Rouge was choreographed to The Rolling Stones hits like “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Paint it Black.”

Jagger skipped a dinner after the show, and girlfriend Melanie Hamrick quickly went home after it to be with her baby daddy to their 2-year old son, Deveraux.

While Jagger’s insecurity about his looks will obviously disturb fans worried about the rock icon, he appeared to look good and in hopeful spirits in a brief video filmed of him after the surgery by TMZ, saying he felt ‘good.’

“Mick Jagger is back to having nights out on the town — because neither wild, wild horses nor heart surgery can drag him away … from an evening of ballet.

The iconic Rolling Stones frontman strolled into NYC’s Lincoln Center Thursday night for a performance of ‘Porte Rouge’ … a ballet starring his 32-year-old GF, Melanie Hamrick. Mick had a stent placed in his heart just 2 weeks ago — a procedure that forced the Stones to postpone scheduled tour dates this year. Mick was asked how he’s feeling, and his response makes it clear he’s on the mend.”