MTV Disrespects Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell At VMA’s


Linkin Park and Soundgarden fans were disappointed with MTV for cutting to commercial break during the tribute for Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell at the Video Music Awards last night. Jared Leto gave a beautiful tribute that was acclaimed by fans, but viewers were not happy when MTV quickly cut to commercial just as they started playing a 2010 Linkin Park VMA’s performance.

Fans wrote on Linkin Park’s Reddit, “Jared Leto was giving a tribute to both Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell during the 2017 VMAs and Jared along with Julia Michaels were the only ones that actually cared to do a tribute. Everybody else in the audience were so disrespectful and didn’t give a shit that Jared had to ask the audience twice for them to stand up and while Julia Michaels was supposed to do a tribute to Chester, MTV just cut to commercial break. How disrespectful! I usually don’t care about award shows anymore since they don’t care about music anymore, but this just really made me sick and angry.”

“MTV sucks ass WTF was that ‘tribute’ supposed to be?! Might as well not done anything at all. Disgusting!”

“The fact that Jared Leto had to ask the crowd to stand for him TWICE was disgusting.”

“Barely any mention for Chris Cornell either, who was equally as influential. Not only that. The show and music is utter shit. I had to sit through taylor swifts edgy song while my family awkwardly watched.”

Jeff Ansari, who runs and is one of the most prominent members of the Soundgarden fan community, wrote on his blog:

“As Soundgarden fans since forever, we’re accustomed to the snubs by now. We’ve seen all the posters with the top billings going to newer bands, we’ve been to stores that carried everything Nirvana and nothing Soundgarden. It’s part of what makes being a Soundgarden fan and finding fellow fans so great. In a way, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Soundgarden became this huge band, despite never trying to be. They wrote dark, heavy music and made the mainstream come to them.

The problem is, right now, the snubs hurt.

This isn’t a top songs of the 90’s list on some click bait site that forgets to list Soundgarden. This is an institution that a lot of Soundgarden fans grew up with. An institution that both helped Soundgarden, and owes a great deal to Soundgarden. It wouldn’t have taken much to just play 10 seconds of a few videos. It wouldn’t have taken much to spend a separate minute talking about Chris. It wouldn’t have taken much to just air a clip of Chris with Chester and Linkin Park, instead of the 5 seconds of the Linkin Park VMA performance.

MTV, we’re not angry. Just disappointed.”