MTV Disrespects Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell At VMA’s


Linkin Park and Soundgarden fans were disappointed with MTV for cutting to commercial break during the tribute for Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell at the Video Music Awards last night. Jared Leto gave a beautiful tribute that was acclaimed by fans, but viewers were not happy when MTV quickly cut to commercial just as they started playing a 2010 Linkin Park VMA’s performance.

Fans wrote on Linkin Park’s Reddit, “Jared Leto was giving a tribute to both Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell during the 2017 VMAs and Jared along with Julia Michaels were the only ones that actually cared to do a tribute. Everybody else in the audience were so disrespectful and didn’t give a shit that Jared had to ask the audience twice for them to stand up and while Julia Michaels was supposed to do a tribute to Chester, MTV just cut to commercial break. How disrespectful! I usually don’t care about award shows anymore since they don’t care about music anymore, but this just really made me sick and angry.”

“MTV sucks ass WTF was that ‘tribute’ supposed to be?! Might as well not done anything at all. Disgusting!”

“The fact that Jared Leto had to ask the crowd to stand for him TWICE was disgusting.”

“Barely any mention for Chris Cornell either, who was equally as influential. Not only that. The show and music is utter shit. I had to sit through taylor swifts edgy song while my family awkwardly watched.”

Jeff Ansari, who runs and is one of the most prominent members of the Soundgarden fan community, wrote on his blog:

“As Soundgarden fans since forever, we’re accustomed to the snubs by now. We’ve seen all the posters with the top billings going to newer bands, we’ve been to stores that carried everything Nirvana and nothing Soundgarden. It’s part of what makes being a Soundgarden fan and finding fellow fans so great. In a way, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Soundgarden became this huge band, despite never trying to be. They wrote dark, heavy music and made the mainstream come to them.

The problem is, right now, the snubs hurt.

This isn’t a top songs of the 90’s list on some click bait site that forgets to list Soundgarden. This is an institution that a lot of Soundgarden fans grew up with. An institution that both helped Soundgarden, and owes a great deal to Soundgarden. It wouldn’t have taken much to just play 10 seconds of a few videos. It wouldn’t have taken much to spend a separate minute talking about Chris. It wouldn’t have taken much to just air a clip of Chris with Chester and Linkin Park, instead of the 5 seconds of the Linkin Park VMA performance.

MTV, we’re not angry. Just disappointed.”

  • I’m with alternative and REAL facts! C’mon..let’s do it yes!!!

    • Francis Villano

      Is this a spam comment? Because I don’t think this has anything to do with the article at all. Plus I’ve been seeing the exact same comment being reposted just by different people on lot of different posts across several social media platforms. Do you get paid for reposting this? Serious question.

  • Eleanor

    To hell with MTV! Didn’t expect them to pay tribute to Chris, so not disappointed. I can’t wait until the real tributes for Chris start to happen.

    • Tyrone Blackman

      It’s already cone and gone. Eddie Vedder has been giving tribute at all of his performances.

      • MPK1967


    • Cathy

      Doubt we’ll see more tributes except in Seattle. Sad, I know

  • Scott Simôn

    Who the fuck cares about Mutant TV anymore? A bunch corporate fuckwits who only see music as a business with their auto-tuned retards and dancing. We really should stop expecting these people to give good press to CC and SG and Audioslave because frankly, they probably do not understand their value so just boycott them.

    • Tyrone Blackman

      Is MTV still a thing? I stopped watching 20 years ago when they stopped playing music videos

      • Keith Lans

        same here Tyrone Blackman!!! I thought VH1 and MTV where long gone LMAO

        • I’m even surprised people still talk about MTV.

  • nomad

    The target audience for this show mostly don’t know or care about Chris or Chester.

    • Anonymous501

      Yah, rock music isn’t popular anymore. I’m not sure why a music presentation geared at young folks would expect them to give a crap about rock bands…

      • cmlukey

        You mean: not popular among children and dopey millennials who watch that garbage network.

      • Philly38

        The problem is.. when the he!! did young people stop caring about rock bands?Soundgarden had young fans when they formed.

        • Pop is the new rock. EDM is the new pop.

  • Raj

    MTV was the wrong forum but screw all those mofos who were disrespectful. Leto is nothing but class but to ask them to stand up twice was disgusting. Shame on MTV.

    • Amresh RAj

      DISGUSTING is your comment.Nothing wrong about asking em to stand up for the second time.. that was an honest move.. shows he really cared..

      • mylifeofcrime

        I think you misunderstood what he was saying. It was not against Leto, but that he actually had to ask the audience twice to stand.

      • Prayash Shrestha

        Yes. He didn’t say Leto was being disrespectful. The audience and MTV was. Just stating the fact that Leto had to ask them twice to stand up and pay respect.

      • Kay B

        Calm it down they didn’t mean it like that.

      • Raj

        Take a chill pill, and chillax bro. Please reread the comment before you go spouting off, smh.

  • Cathy

    MTV has sucked for years just like today’s music.

    • dakotablue

      You can say that again. Utter shite.

    • Philly38

      Today’s pop music, you mean. There’s more great rock and alternative music out there than I can keep up with.

      • Cathy


        • Philly38

          Start on iTunes. Click on a song you never heard before and you’ll get lost in where it takes you for an hour. War on Drugs, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Keys/Dan Auerbach, Airborne Toxic Event, Foster the People, Kings of Leon, The Killers, Dandy Warhols, The Ocean Blue. Just some of what I’ve been listening to.

          • Cathy

            Sorry, seriously? You can’t honestly compare any of these bands to the classic and alternative rock of the past like, ah, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Pearl Jam, Beatles, Soundgarden, Skynyrd, AIC and the list goes on and on and on. I revert back to my OP

          • Kay B

            I am friends with the Dandy’s and ATE. Both great bands. Not the caliber of CC but both very talented and awesome in a live show.

          • Brendan Quinn

            If it’s all the same to you, I’d sooner consume horsecock than anything from the embarassing proclamation of musical ignorance you cite. In fact, I honestly wonder, when I can bear to think about it, whether bullshit junkies capable of supporting bullshit-monkeys as large as the hairy primate hitching around on your back, whispering sweet nothings into your ear in a voice that sounds, it’s gotta be said, EXACTLY how you’d imagine Anthony Kiedis would sound, if he devolved a few more lungs down the evolutionary ladder.

            I have to admit, I wasn’t aware the ladder extended below ground level at all, let alone straight right through the planet and out the other side, emerging somewhere between The Black Crowes and, shit…is that Huey Lewis? Shit, look away, QUICK, don’t make eye contact….is he? Oh Christ, is he….FUCK!!! He’s coming over! This is on your head dude…all you.

            Sigh. Look, I don’t wanna end of a bum note. So let me try and say something positive about having some kinda genetic deformity or whatever, that flips traditional, old-fashioned, honest appreciation of music so inside out and ass backwards as to cause an otherwise respectable member of society to buy a Lady Gaga CD. (Before you say a word, DON’T try to deny you did EXACTLY THAT, at least once, if not more…I’m trying to keep things civil)

            Okay, I think I’ve come up with some cup-half-full bullshit about your musical deformity, or pathology or whatever:

            Wow dude! What a blessing it must be to have musical ‘taste’ like yours! Yeah, like, you could listen to music constantly, for ten lifetimes, never repeating a single song, and never come close to running out of the next Red Hot Chilli Peppers, or Black Crowes, or fuckin’….Mumford & Sons.

            Why anyone would want to live for ten lifetimes, or live at all, with noise pollution like that every second of every…ugh, I gotta go, I’ve got a migraine in my eye. Youp got a vom bag dude? No?! How the FUCK can you listen to music like that…and NOT have a vom bag handy all the time?

  • Chrissy Wood

    I was pissed. stopped watching the show when they cut it to commercial. MTV very unclassy!

  • Kay B

    These awards are mainly to see who has the biggest fake breasts and asses. It’s nothing more than a shit fashion show. Did you see the “Rock” catergory? More like Rock for puss cakes. These shows were so much better back in the 80s and 90s to a certain point.
    Thank you Jared for your kind words. I’m glad he said he would wait all day for those fuckers to stand up.

    • Cathy

      Never watch anymore. Hell, I can’t even listen to the radio anymore. Garbage out there! Fortunately there’s YouTube and iTunes

  • Lori Parker

    I was shocked they didn’t mention chris Cornell as well I mean if I hadn’t been for sound garden there probably wouldn’t have been Linkin Park. Also do I need to mention that both singers took their own life so to talk about awareness and only mention the one? Didn’t make much sense to me but ok.

    • CherishDear

      Jared did mention Chris, but well, Chester/Linkin Park was his friend as well as a legend to him. That’s why he talked more on personal level about Chester, but at the same time, he quoted Chester’s tribute to Chris, especially on how incredible Chris’ voice was. At the end, Jared asked the audiences to stand up to honor both artists (and the audience were so rude to not stand up.)

  • javarraras

    Jesus, why cant we get this outraged over things that really matter?

    • CherishDear

      You may say that a celebrity’s life doesn’t matter. Well, if you say so. Still, the fact that MTV CUT OFF THE TRIBUTE for commercial break & that Leto had to ask the audience TWICE to stand up to pay respect DO MATTER. It really shows how disrespectful/ how they have no empathy to others on the humanity level.

    • nomad

      This site is mostly about 90’s alternative rock bands. So in that context, this matters. This isn’t Reuters.

  • Snehartha Dey

    If Brad Pitt and co come to your funeral, then that is more than enough for people to know how legendary you were Chris. We don’t care about these plastic fuckwits. RIP

  • Brandon Ferragamo

    Fans of drake, rihanna, and nicki minaj. Dont care about that type of music. If the same word isn’t repeated a bizzilion times and getting money aint mentioned in a song at least once. Then it’s not worth listening to, for that type of crowd. Real cream of the crop there. But yet wearing iron maiden shirts is a trend now. It’s all a joke.

    • Trovoid

      Gotta love how all of these vacant minded people are wearing band shirts as a fashion statement these days. It’s like they’re just borrowing from other decades. Everything is retro and nostalgia fueled in the worst ways possible. Meanwhile there’s all these artists that claim they’re inspired by the greats but their music makes you want to fall asleep or die.

      • A J

        whats with the kids wearing nirvana shirts trend? Where I live its a fad. I don’t see anyone wearing a soundgarden tshirt. I know a 20 year old that wears a Nirvana shirt yet doesn’t know their music!

        • Kay B

          Yea same with Misfits. Can’t name a damn member.

        • Trovoid

          Yeah they do the same around me. I hardly see anyone else besides myself and a friend of mine wearing Soundgarden shirts. Nirvana shirts are the choice for most kids because retro is ‘in’ and Nirvana is unrightfully so the face of the Seattle movement. A lot of them don’t know the music but they know he committed suicide.

    • disqus_5xxAsSkFVV

      Um… I love Chris Cornell and I like some Drake, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj stuff. I really LOVE Glenn Danzig but I also think Kendrick Lamar is brilliant.

      I listened to LP, AIC, NIN, Rammstein, TON, MM etc as a kid (and now) but A LOT of other stuff too.

      Fine if you think most pop shit is shit, I’d agree. But you can STFU with the pigeon-holing bullshit and maybe try expanding your mind. Thanks.

      • Brandon Ferragamo

        No ones pigeon holing here I’m just calling it how it is. Most youngins wouldn’t think to listen to half of the bands you mentioned, nor give a shit about them. All I ever hear any of these kids listening to is new rap or pop garbage. I mean maybe I’m more old school when it comes to this but Its the truth. You like all those bands I’ll give you credit, but people like you are few and far between. The point is music sucks now great artists are dying and soon will be left with this record label cookie cutter shit. Its so repetitive and annoying. All a money making scheme.

  • Jarrod Hilch

    MTV award shows are a waste of time, the music they give awards to f’n suck anyway

    • Cathy

      Same with Grammy’s and AMA. If they do a Cornell tribute I’ll tune-in; otherwise, I have absolutely no interest in watching losers like Nikki, Justin and Miley!

  • Eder Cheddar

    Are you all really surprised? They don’t care about rock at all. Don’t look yo MTV to shed a tear.

    They’re more preoccupied with being able to tend to the tweenagers, etc.

    Rock and roll hall of fame is where to really time in for rock tributes now.

  • Shane Markland

    Screw that! I’m just now hearing about this and I am angry!! how does MTV still throw a music related awards show? They have nothing at all to do with music!! MTV SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  • cmlukey

    MTV isn’t music, it’s a bunch of crap. Totally irrelevant. Ignore them.

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    To care or not to care.

  • Philly38

    When the VMAs started.. it was must see TV for rock fans.

  • Caroline Thielen

    Mtv doesn’t even play music videos anymore. Why do they bother with VMA? Just catfish and teen Mom. They should have a bullshit reality award show instead. Mtv became a joke the minute they stopped being about music television. So what do you expect? It appears they don’t appreciate the very thing they were once about.

  • MPK1967

    We thought the MTV awards show was great. I liked Leto’s tribute. I loved the anti-suicide message from DJ Logic. This is a non-article. Most ppl don’t feel as this article states. Tributes to 2 artists who chose to commit suicide can’t go on forever. Let’s honor their choice and give their families peace and respect. There were many articles on the decency of Leto’s tribute. The Soundgarden “fan” in this article doesn’t at all speak for me. It would have been cool to see the 10-yr old Linkin Park song in its entirety, but the show was crammed with events, and that old performance must be on YouTube. You’re really stretching here, Brett, quoting some nobodies on an unpopular viewpoint.

  • andy phillips

    It’s gotten so bad that MTV was PAYING 40 bucks a head to try and fill the seats at this crap show. I received an email from Casting Call 360 concerning that. I thought it was freaking hilarious.

  • A J

    meh not surprised did not know vmas was still a thing. fuck mtv.


    I’m 9 and during the VMA’s I was performing my chris Cornell tribute at my school of rock show! Please share! Chris will live forever

  • nomad
  • Aware

    No one should care. People in the millennium are shit and including a great band like Soundgarden in such an embarrassment of a show is throwing a diamond in a pig sty. That was intentional. The agenda is to crap on Rock as much as possible. It’s been going on since 2000. Sit back, pull out the popcorn, and laugh as the unfortunates sink further and further into the morass of their shallowness and stupidity.

  • Homey D. Clown

    To be fair…i wouldn’t listen to that song.. LP hasn’t released anything good since Meteora..

    • Kay B

      To be fair I don’t like any LP, but cutting a tribute way too short is disrespectful. Meanwhile we have to sit through Swift’s new awful video and song that is equal to the enjoyment of getting a colonoscopy with no drugs on your birthday.

      • Homey D. Clown

        They should have picked a better tribute. I don’t consider replaying a shitty song performance a tribute. At least they got one, even if partial, more than can be said if Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed died or Riki Rachtman, both former Headbangers Ball hosts…

      • Homey D. Clown

        But no one should Have to sit through taydolf switler

  • Michelle Anderson

    I don’t want my MTV and never will again

  • Brodie Elkins

    Apparently if you are against pedofilia MTV doesn’t stand with you. Rock the vote

  • Rehab

    Getting a music award from MTV is like getting a Pulitzer Prize from CNN.