Freddie Mercury Family Reveal If Queen Screwed Them Out Of Money


Freddie Mercury’s family reportedly got a very fair paycheck from the Queen biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ according to a new The Times article.

Kashmira, Freddie’s sister, rarely speaks to the press, but is currently selling her opulent London apartment on Hyde Park gardens for £4.75million. A huge framed photograph of Freddie hangs in pride of place in the lounge.

Kashmira said: “I was happy to find out they were going to make the movie. And, although it was very emotional for me, I thought it was tastefully done.”

The film has made almost $900 million (£690million) worldwide, meaning Kashmira’s share of the band’s proceeds from the Oscar-winning biopic could be as much as £20 million.

Speaking in an interview with Kinowetter, Lucy Boynton, who played Freddie Mercury’s ex-girlfriend Mary Austin in Bohemian Rhapsody, said, “I didn’t get to meet her, unfortunately.

“Brian May was my main source – he actually introduced Mary and Freddie.

“So it was really beautiful to hear from him how they were as individuals coming together and how they impacted each-other.”

She also said: “I don’t think many people know much about Mary and I think that would please her to hear.

“I think she’s a very private life.”

“His [Freddie’s] performances were so public. And to counter that, he tried to keep his home life and private life as far from the all-seeing eyes as he could afford to.

“And I think Mary was that home – as he was for her – and they were the eye of the storm that was the Queen world!”