Mick Jagger Pressured To Marry Young Girlfriend


Melanie Hamrick, Mick Jagger‘s partner of nine years, has shed light on their relationship and addressed the topic of marriage. While the couple shares a deep commitment towards one another even with putting up with Mick’s rock star lifestyle, they have not formalized their union. Hamrick’s candid remarks provide insight into their unique approach to love and partnership, highlighting the importance of personal space and finding balance amidst a whirlwind lifestyle.

As reported by Rockstar Celebrities, Despite speculation about a potential marriage proposal from the 79-year-old Rolling Stones frontman, Hamrick remains indifferent. She neither embraces nor dismisses the idea of marriage, stating that she is “neither here nor there” about it. However, she does express an openness to the possibility, stating that she “wouldn’t say no” if Jagger were to propose.

Is Jagger ready for this? Well, it seems like he’s at least trying to get a small head start on it.

Instead of an engagement ring, Hamrick wears a “commitment ring” as a visible symbol of their dedication to each other. The ring represents their mutual commitment and serves as a reminder of the bond they share. While keeping the details private, Hamrick acknowledges the speculation surrounding their engagement status, stating that the commitment ring is as much as she is willing to disclose.

Hamrick did express all the challenges of their globetrotting lifestyle, constantly moving from one city to another. She draws from her experience as a former ballerina, understanding the need for personal space and “me-time” amidst the demands of performing. The couple recognizes the importance of finding balance and respecting each other’s need for individuality. Hamrick emphasizes their ability to communicate openly and express when they or their son, Deveraux, require some personal time.

With a total of eight children from five different women, Mick Jagger’s family is diverse and expansive. Hamrick’s relationship with Jagger brings her into a dynamic and unique family structure, where each child carries their own story and connection with the legendary musician.

Jagger and Hamrick demonstrate that love can flourish in many forms, challenging conventional notions of what constitutes a meaningful partnership and sometimes, it doesn’t need a ring.