Mick Mars Brutally Calls Out Motley Crue Fraud


Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars has kept a low profile since the band retired from touring at the end of 2015, resurfacing earlier this year to promote ‘The Dirt’ Netflix biopic and record new material for the soundtrack. Mars has now made a new tweet calling out a fraud. A Motley Crue icon reacted to an emotional cancer revelation yesterday.

“Attention : all my friends, fans and followers. There is a fake Mick Mars account on Twitter. I have had several of you tweeting me asking if I have another account.Absolutely not. This is my real official account. @mrmickmars Anyone else using my name or likeness is a fake.”

A Motley Crue family member recently revealed a gay relationship. soggyfries1358 posted on Reddit about The Dirt, “The Dirt was an alright movie, but I wish it had more. If it were me making it, I would’ve made it more gritty and truer to the facts, included events up until 2004 and would’ve ended it with a recreation of Home Sweet Home being played during the Carnival of Sins tour or make the ending flash forward to 2015, and show archival footage of their final performance of Home Sweet Home.

It also could have shown Tommy Lee’s rap career, Pamela and Tommy’s relationship and all that brought despite the lawsuits that would no doubt come of it, Brides of Destruction, Vince’s solo career, and even him and Axl Rose challenging each other to a fight back in the early 90’s. Would have liked it to be longer too. I’m not saying The Dirt was bad, it just didn’t live up to what I wanted personally.”