Mike Shinoda Drops Linkin Park Tour Bombshell


Linkin Park have been very cryptic as of late. If you remember LimeWire, then you remember what it felt like to download what you thought was a Linkin Park song named ‘CoMingUndone – Linkin Park.exe,’ and yes, that’s a Korn song, but your tiny little brain didn’t know the difference.

Well, Linkin Park have made that into their own little meme as they have been playing a bit with that format on some of their social media. Many fans believe it to be a giant tour announcement, while others thought it was just funny, but there are also some who think that it’ll be a whole new album on the way.

Enter the Linkin Park discord where Mike Shinoda made some very unique and bold remarks. You can see the screenshots below.

The following was stated on Twitter by a Linkin Park fan account about the very odd Discord discussion that Mike had: “Updates from Mike Shinoda on Discord: – He is approving some files for public consumption. – No Linkin Park tour announcement. – There’s “good reasons” for having a Linkin Park Discord server. – Hints at possibly more than just a Meteora box set for Linkin Park.”

This should mean that some new music aside from the Meteora box set is coming out. It’s hard to think about what that’ll be. Are they unreleased songs with Chester? It’s tough to say as there really isn’t much information, but whatever it may be will surely hold its weight.