Miley Cyrus Boyfriend Humiliated By Liam Hemsworth


Put yourself in the shoes Miley Cyrus’ current boyfriend, Maxx Morando. Not only has he seen the hounding of the paparazzi trying to get any glimpse at all at his girl, but all he has had to hear about for the last few weeks is Liam Hemsworth. Yes, Miley’s new hit song ‘Flowers’ has reached the viral status as she bashes her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth in the track. Some have said that the song has gotten so big that it has upset the singer’s current boyfriend.

Per, an insider revealed that drummer Morando, 24, confronted Cyrus, 30, about her obsession with Liam, 33. The source said that he even gave her an ultimatum — “stop fixating on Liam and spend more time concentrating on him,” said the insider.

Is Maxx over reacting? Well, it’s hard to say with someone else’s relationship, but it’s safe to say that anyone getting with a singer will more than likely hear about an ex or three in some songs that get out.

On Cyrus’ new track, she sings, “We were right ‘til we weren’t; Built a home and watched it burn.” Cryus and Hemsworth’s home burned down in a 2018 fire.

Miley has insisted she has “no remorse” and “no regret” about her divorce, “but Morando apparently isn’t so sure,” said the insider.”

“No one tells Miley what to do, which doesn’t bode well for Morando!” said the source.

There’s a ton to unpack here on the side of Maxx and Miley. It seems like this trouble in the water won’t amount to anything good. It’s also tough to tell someone to just “get over it,” so we will just have to continue to monitor what goes on between the two as time moves on. Hopefully there’s some solace.