Is Tool Member Going To Prison After Meltdown?


Tool drummer Danny Carey was recently arrested at the airport in Kansas City after it was alleged that he got entailed in a physical altercation with someone inside the terminal, as reported by TMZ. A video clip of Carey’s arrest also started surfacing on the internet. The reason for the bickering was not known until now as it seems it has been revealed.

Update on Danny Carey arrest

According to FOX4 News Kansas City, prosecutors have dismissed assault charges against Carey. No reason was given for the dismissal, with the court only saying the case is a closed confidential matter. The decision to dismiss the case comes more than a year after Carey was arrested on December 12, 2021. As per a recent report of TMZ, Carey got physical with the person, shoving them in the chest with two fingers and shouting: “You’re a f*****g f****t!” multiple times. Some on social media have called for Carey’s firing from Tool after the remarks. The 61-year-old musician was booked for misdemeanor assault and was released on bond.

A spokesperson for the Kansas City Aviation Department told Rolling Stone at the time: “Regarding the request for body and dash cam video, our police force does not have this technology. The police report has been forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.”

Carey’s arrest came one day after he performed the Jimi Hendrix song “Fire” at the University of Kansas vs. the University of Missouri men’s basketball game in Lawrence, Kansas.