Miley Cyrus Shows Behind In White Swimsuit Photo


Miley Cyrus is confused about a great many things these days – is she a girl is she is a boy. Is she a spirit, is she a physical human being. Apparently she does not know. Apparently Liam Hemsworth couldn’t deal with it anymore and ditched her. Today, Miley is out of control again and flashing people at the same time. As per The Guardian, Miley Cyrus can buy herself flowers, she can write her name in the sand. She can take herself dancing, and she can hold her own hand. Now she can become multiple people!

That’s the message the pop star imparts in her new single, Flowers, which smashed Spotify’s one-week streaming record with more than 96m streams last week, and topped charts around the world including in the UK, Australia, Canada and China.

The song, reportedly about Cyrus’s divorce from the Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, has become an anthem for female empowerment after heartbreak. Cyrus even released it on her ex-husband’s birthday, spawning countless headlines, TikToks and memes about Hemsworth’s rumored shortcomings.

As the adage, rightly or wrongly attributed to the late poet Dorothy Parker goes, writing well truly is the best revenge. Even Gloria Gaynor, whose 1978 breakup anthem I Will Survive cemented her status as an empowering musical icon, has shared and commented on Cyrus’s hit.