Miley Cyrus Shows Toned Legs In Pool Photo


Miley Cyrus is taking on a new sponsor and the promotion for the sponsor is very revealing.

On Miley’s Instagram she took to her feed to post up an arched photo of herself in very little clothing. Next to her is a pool which looks very nice next to Miley. It looks like she is promoting a tanner.

Miley said on her post: “I can buy myself tanner…. Get that Endless Summer Vacation glow. I am an official partner in Dolce Glow because I truly love & trust this product! It’s high quality ingredients & flawless color makes it a MUST for me! Dolce Glow aesthetically aligns with my new album Endless Summer Vacation! I am so excited to make my “glow” accessible for my fans & support a female founded company!”

Miley is truly on top of the world right now as her name is trending, her music is trending, and everyone is also focused in on her relationship with former beau – Liam Hemsworth. On Liam’s end, things aren’t going so well as Miley has written a song about him that really seemed to bury him along with some of his personal life revealed not only in the song, but for people digging things up about.

While it is a bit much to see some outed so harshly, what can we really say? When it comes to what happened between him and Miley; cheating is never something that should be promoted, especially when your former significant other knows how to write some catchy tunes.