Motley Crue Ex-Guitarist Reveals Big Name Hiring


Former Accept bassist Peter Baltes recently shed light on his departure the aforementioned band, offering a candid glimpse into his decision to part ways after more than four decades of dedicated service.

Reflecting on the final years leading up to his departure, Baltes expressed his growing disillusionment, stating: “Well, it was… maybe the last two years, it started to go down. I didn’t like it anymore. And I found out some things — I don’t wanna elaborate — but I found out some things that are really not nice. I’d been together with Wolf [Hoffmann, Accept guitarist] my whole life, and that wasn’t really necessary. Some people have to have all the control, and when it started going into the artistic control, then it really bothered me more. So I really wasn’t into it anymore.”

As reported by Ultimate Guitar, This came to a shock to many fans, but Baltes remains steadfast in music as he has not stepped away totally from the scene as he does have some upcoming work on the horizon.

He said: “I got to record a lot of different albums. I played on Mick Mars’ [Mötley Crüe] solo album. I did so many different things. And I was writing music for television and radio anyway, so I had two years of working [on] other stuff that I wasn’t used to. And then, on the other hand, sitting at home for two years, when Udo [Dirkschneider, original Accept singer] called [and asked me to join U.D.O. and Dirkschneider], that’s why I took about five minutes to answer.”

The timing of his exit, in 2018, turned out to be fortuitous as it coincided with the outbreak of the global pandemic. Baltes utilized this period to engage in various musical endeavors, such as recording for Mick Mars’s solo album and composing music for television and radio. He found himself working on projects outside his usual scope, providing a refreshing change of pace. However, his life took an unexpected turn when original Accept singer Udo Dirkschneider reached out to him to join U.D.O. and Dirkschneider. Despite his newfound ventures, Baltes took only a brief five minutes to accept the offer, indicating a strong desire to return to the fold.

This revelation follows Baltes’s confession last March, where he admitted being “extremely unhappy” with the band’s state at the time. Contrary to the band’s initial statement that he was leaving to spend more time with his family, Baltes clarified that his departure stemmed from deep dissatisfaction. Over the years, he discovered that he had become a mere hired musician in Accept’s lineup, lacking any real influence or involvement.

This realization, coupled with the overpowering egos and controlling nature of certain individuals within the band, created a bitter environment. Baltes highlighted that this issue had also led to Udo Dirkschneider’s departure in the past. Ultimately, he became the last member to withstand the circumstances but found no happiness or fulfillment, prompting him to make the difficult decision to leave.

In a surprising turn of events, Baltes was announced as the bass player for U.D.O. last April. U.D.O., the band led by Udo Dirkschneider, has been a part of his musical journey since his departure from Accept in 1987, subsequent return in 1992, and their temporary reunion in 2005. Baltes’s new role signifies a reunion of sorts, allowing him to continue his musical path alongside a familiar and cherished collaborator.

Peter Baltes’s departure from Accept marks the end of an era, and his candid revelations offer fans an understanding of the underlying factors that led to this significant change. As he embarks on a new chapter with U.D.O., the music world eagerly anticipates the creative synergy that will undoubtedly arise from this reunion.