Motley Crue Fans Frightened By Scary Nikki Sixx Photo


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has uploaded a new photo of a bass with a gun attached to it. Some on Instagram found it cool, while others were offended and worried.

steinmcs commented:

Your killer bass don’t need a gun Mr. Sixx

barclisa commented:

Put the gun away Nikki

actorjaime_gomez commented:

Dude, no.🔥

chippiepotpie commented:

But… Why the gun? 🦄🌈

ozziezig commented:

He’s made it this far… let the guy do what he wants people. Love it Nikki!!!!! Last time looked it’s the USA! And we have our freedom!!!!! 🇺🇸

annwesterlundarian commented:

No No No. Do not like that combo. 😤.

kitty61350 commented:

Now, that’s what I call heavy metal 🤘🤘

gregandrewp commented:

Yo, Sixx….your’e scaring all the sissy snowflakes.

Variety recently reported:

Thanks to the press and success around Mötley Crüe’s raucous Netflix biopic “The Dirt,” the “world’s most notorious rock band” are releasing a 14-hour-plus audiobook version of the 2001 New York Times best-seller on June 25 through HarperAudio and Dey Street Books. Motley Crue “tossed around” the idea of narrating the tome themselves, but, “it just didn’t feel right for us,” explains bassist and co-founder Nikki Sixx, who read the audiobook for his own “Heroin Diaries” autobiography.

Mötley was interested in utilizing actors from the film — who include Pete Davidson of “Saturday Night Live” fame — but it proved too difficult logistically, so respected voice actors read “The Dirt” audiobook (Sebastian York narrates Sixx’s part). The band, says Sixx, is “super happy” with the results.