Howard Stern Calls Out Radiohead Awful Dave Grohl Lie


Howard Stern and his producer recently pointed out a Dave Grohl statement about Billie Eillish, and how how it was falsely attributed to Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke. Howard Stern recently revealed a painful Eric Clapton secret. recapped: Howard said they go out and they want to produce their songs on their own. He asked if the record company was for it. Billie said they didn’t have much of a choice. She said after Ocean Eyes it was like a year before they signed. She said they were hearing about how lives were ruined when people would sign. She said they went to a million meetings and she was only 14 years old. Howard said they’re probably looking at her like why are we negotiating with a 14 year old. Billie said that was like every day for a while. Finneas said he remembers that.

Billie said they had a meeting at Interscope and it was just another meeting but there were people there who signed her and this guy Justin was there. She said there was something about him that she had a feeling that he believed she could do things. She said they were treating her like she was a genius. Howard said you need that. Howard said so many people get record deals and you never hear from them again.

Finneas said they have had 2 managers and they were very good at letting them do things their way. He said they have advocated for letting them do things their way. Howard said that someone said Billie Eilish said she’s the only one doing things differently these days. Billie said it was Thom Yorke who said that he didn’t exactly say that. Gary said Dave Grohl said it. Dave Grohl made a disturbing George Harrison claim yesterday.

Howard said they should do one of their songs now. Howard asked if they have ever performed this early before. Billie said no. She said she did when she was in choir. Howard said this song is called ”All Good Girls Go to Hell.” Howard asked how long it took to write it and they said they wrote the hook in 2016 and the wrote the rest last year. Howard had them do their song. Howard Stern reacted to a ‘loser’ Green Day remark recently.