Motley Crue Hired Famous Guitarist For Reunion


The former Marilyn Manson and current Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 recently joined in for a new interview with George Dionne of KNAC.COM and spoke about his involvement with the soundtrack to Motley Crue’s biopic “The Dirt”, based on Crue’s 2001 New York Times bestselling autobiography.

John 5 is proud of the project

He said: “I’m so proud [of being part of that]. Me and Nikki [Sixx, Motley Crue bassist] wrote on that. And dude, I f***ing Motley Crue, and it was so cool for it to come to fruition. And to hear Vince [Neil, vocals] and Tommy [Lee, drums] and Mick [Mars, guitar] and, of course, Nikki doing that… I think that song really gave me a real excitement of collaborating with someone. And seeing the video and the history of it, it was really pretty incredible.”

“The Dirt Soundtrack” featured four new Motley Crue songs, including the single “The Dirt (Est. 1981) (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)”, and Motley Crue’s unlikely cover of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”.

“The Dirt”, which debuted in March 2019 on Netflix, remains one of the highest-rated music films as voted by the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, the online review aggregation service that allows both critics and the public to rate movies. Movie critics were far less impressed by the film, which currently has a 36% critic score from 74 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

John 5 previously discussed his contribution to “The Dirt” soundtrack in a December 2019 interview with Milwaukee’s 102.9 The Hog radio station. At the time, he said: “Me and Nikki are like two 15-year-olds who are just on the phone twenty thousand times a day and we hang out all the time. We’ll go to the mall and we’ll go ride bikes and we’ll do ridiculous stuff like that. And so, of course, we like to play music together, and yeah, that’s how that came about — writing music for ‘The Dirt’. And those songs are killer.”