Led Zeppelin Singer Looks Exhausted In New Photos


Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zeppelin has become exhausted with the chaos that comes with the fame. Recently, he joked that he is in his older years, and he’s become the guy carrying sticks featured on Led Zeppelin’s fourth self-titled album.

Plant was reflecting back on their working process for Led Zeppelin’s third self-titled studio album. After touring for their first two albums, the band members wanted some peace and quiet so they ended up at the Bron-Yr-Aur cottage in Snowdania, Wales.

Plant described the place as really good and beautiful while talking about it on the Digging Deep podcast. He said those things were part of the bargain since they’re there for a reason and everything adds to it, the idea of going outside and bringing in kindling.

He added that the old guy with the sticks on his back on Zeppelin IV is now him. Plant said that he picks up kindling everywhere he goes and wraps it around with a piece of baling twine and shunts it on his back just in case anyone’s driving by. Plant said if anyone’s driving by they see him as the guy from the Led Zeppelin IV album cover.

Plant also revealed that the getaway proved to be ideal because things were so intense over the course of their first two albums that he said if it had all ended at the end of 1970, it would have been the most amazing trip.

Recently, photos of Plant have been making the rounds on social media, He’s seen in a selfie with house music DJ Graeme Park, and he looks exhausted. You can check out the photos below: