Motley Crue Hiring Metallica Legend For Comeback?


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx was recently questioned whether he would consider making one last complete album with the band and Bob Rock, who is also famous for being Metallica’s producer. Sixx is quite eager to get the band back together this summer for the long-awaited ‘Stadium Tour. Nikki Sixx revealed that he was angry and sent an Email to Motley Crue bandmate.

Nikki Sixx responds

Nikki Sixx took note of the Tweet and replied: “Live off the floor? Old school? Raw and dirty? Bob Rock? Count me in.” 

Crüe’s most recent studio recordings are four songs that arrived along with the soundtrack to the 2019 Netflix band biopic The Dirt. Sixx’s interest in doing another album is significant.

He’s long served as Mötley Crüe’s lead songwriter. He also downplayed the reunion rumors in 2019 more forcefully than any of his bandmates, right up until the tour was officially announced.

In recent years, the bassist has been engrossed in a variety of creative projects, including books and new music. If he has the creative juice to tell all of Twitter he’s available to make a new Mötley Crüe album, that’s as big a first step as any Crüe fan could ask for.

Nikki Sixx reveals the song he loves to play live

The fans have been wondering which song is more fun to play for the band. A fan recently asked this question recently to Nikki Sixx and the bassist revealed that his favorite song to play on stage is ‘Red Hot.’

Red Hot’ is a song from Crüe’s second album, ‘Shout at the Devil.’ This album harbored the band’s most known songs, ‘Shout at the Devil,’ ‘Looks That Kill,’ and ‘Too Young to Fall in Love.’ However, Nikki Sixx picked ‘Red Hot’ as his favorite one to play onstage.

The song is one of Crüe’s classics which talks about teenage rebellion and standing up to authority to fight them. The sound especially grabs attention at the beginning of the song, where Tommy Lee rocks the drums fast and furious, which seems to put the band in a trance mood.

Here is what the fan asked:

“What’s your favorite song to play live?”

Sixx replied:

“I really love ‘Red Hot’ live.”