Motley Crue Icon Called Out For Weight Issues By A-List Star


In a new SiriusXM interview with Metal God Eddie Trunk, Motley Crue’s iconic lead singer Vince Neil’s weight was brought up by an A-list MTV icon who is concerned for his health, former MTV personality and current television and radio presenter, Riki Rachtman. During the interview, Rachtman sounded off how Neil should get a “live in personal trainer”, nutritionist and essentially, do what he can to become the Vince Neil of old. Alternative Nation transcribed Rachtman’s comments: 

Rachtman: I mean, if I was Vince Neil and I know this is probably gonna piss people off, this will probably piss Vince off. [However] If I was Vince Neil I would get a live-in personal trainer, nutritionist, everything and I would work every single day, come back and be the meanest motherfucker out there. Just go ‘okay everybody, you want, Shout at the Devil, you want to hear Motley Crue?!’ Just be ruthless, tough and in shape. That’s what people want. They don’t want to make fun of certain rock stars, they want these rock stars to be what they were and they’re not, and it’s tough. 

Rachtman continued: 

Rachtman: So I think Motley Crue if they came back, it wouldn’t be giving people the product that they would expect. If we are gonna watch The Dirt, then we want to see a lean, mean Motley Crue and we’re not just gonna get that. 

Trunk: Yeah and you don’t know what Mick’s (Mars) condition is right now. I mean, I’ve been in touch with him and he’s been trying to make a record forever. Actually, Nikki (Sixx) told me recently that at least Mick’s situation has stopped getting worse.  Like, each year it had gotten worse but it kind of put the brakes on, so that’s some good news at least. At least as far as his health is concerned. We’ll see, it was a fun movie. I thought it was a fun movie and it delivered exactly what I thought it was gonna deliver.