Motley Crue Icon Disturbing Stabbing Revealed


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx revealed in a new tweet that he still carries a knife, and that in the past he stabbed himself with it. Sixx’s Motley Crue bandmate Vince Neil was recently photographed at the beach.

“I guess it’s it country boy in me. I still carry a knife. Haven’t stabbed anybody with it except myself.”

A fan tweeted to him, “My grandfather who passed away a year ago gave me a knife. In my pocket.”

Sixx responded, “Never lose that knife.”

Another fan tweeted Sixx, “Nothing wrong with a country boy in my opinion. Btw…I used to live in Twin Falls,Idaho and know where Jerome is…just over the Snake River Canyon and Perrine bridge!! ✌❤🎶🎸”

Sixx responded, “Yup.”

He also recently tweeted, “I love the people that always spell check my sentences. I didn’t know my school teachers were even still alive.”

Motley Crue also celebrated the 34th anniversary of Theatre of Pain this weekend on Twitter.

“June 21 1985: Theatre of Pain was released! 🎭

MTV invoked the unwritten ‘Crue Rule’, dropping videos from eligibility on the request line after 30 days because #crueheads had Home Sweet Home as the most requested song for over three months! 🤘😂 #mötleycrüe #motleycrue.”

Motley Crue The Dirt on Netflix has brought the band back into prominence after their retirement from touring at the end of 2015.