Mick Jagger Savagely Calls Out Bad Performance


Mick Jagger had some great onstage banter at The Rolling Stones first No Filter tour show since his heart surgery on Friday in Chicago at Soldier Field, even excusing any sloppy and poor song performances.

“The first night’s always a bit sloppy. But we’re feeling pretty good up here!”

He also said, “It’s our 38th show in Chicago but I still haven’t had an Italian beef. Follow it up with a Malort.”

He made a local political joke as well.

“I want to welcome Lori Lightfoot…I’m sorry Ed Burke couldn’t make it tonight.”

Keith Richards said, “Good evening, Chicago!” He added, “Good to be anywhere.”

Jagger also introduced hometown hero, touring bassist Daryl Jones, “The south side’s finest on the bass, Mr. Darryl Jones!”

He said about Ronnie Wood, “The money of the Mag Mile, Mr. Ronnie Wood!”

Keith Richards discussed playing The Rolling Stones hits in a new Rolling Stone piece.

“Sympathy for the Devil”

Richards calls this epic “such a bizarre thing to play. It’s incredible fun, because there’s all these gaps. Ronnie and I don’t even play until the bridge: ‘Pleased to meet you!’ And there’s great dynamics in it. And then at the end, I can just dribble about a bit.”

“Gimme Shelter”

Richards layered several guitar parts on the original recording; playing it live is his “biggest challenge.” “Once you get into it, [it’s fine], but I’m never sure if I’m the right volume. I’m always a bit anxious about. That beginning is so eerie, sometimes in a stadium you start to hear echoes.”

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

“It’s the riff of all time,” Richards says. Despite playing it consistently since 1965, he hasn’t tired of it. “I’m still finding how to tighten it up. [Bassist] Darryl [Jones] and I are working on the rhythm end lately — slightly different ideas to make it snappier and better.”