Motley Crue Icon Drops Last Relapse Bombshell


Nikki Sixx is celebrating the 21st anniversary of his getting sober after his last relapse. The 63-year-old Motley Crue bassist took to Instagram to show an app which showcases how long he has been sober for. For Nikki Sixx, this method helps to remind him why he abstains from any form of drugs or alcohol as he doesn’t want to go back down a dark path leading to hospitalization.

This all came in earlier today (Saturday, July 2), as he shared a screenshot of the app, revealing he had been sober for 21 years, 252 months, 7,671 days or 184,089 hours.

The following was said about his celebration: “21 years today….The lessons you learn along the way can only be absorbed and put into action by being open minded and staying sober. I’ve also learned what I don’t want in my life. Let go of the past and live in the moment. For those still struggling, I know this isn’t always easy but you will not believe how wonderful your life can and will be by applying yourself to these simple steps.”

It’s clear to tell that Nikki is extremely proud of himself and what he has been able to do for himself. He’s now trying to help others as well.

He continued: “Cutting out poisonous people and being rigorously honest in all your affairs, leading with love and being solution based are some of the tools you will gain. Keep these those close to your heart. Also a good rule of thumb is over 95% of what you worry about ( anxiety) actually -never- happens so learn to let go, relax and enjoy the journey. #SobrietyRocks”

As many fans know, Nikki Sixx struggled with substance abuse for years and was even supposedly declared clinically dead after a heroin overdose in 1987 made his heart stop for two minutes. He has since become actively involved in a recovery “program,” which he credits for helping him transform his life and relationships.