Axl Rose Confronted By Fan He Banned From Shows


Guns N’ Roses fan Rick Dunsford, who claims Axl Rose, Slash, and company had him banned from GNR shows and threatened with arrest, has posted photos where he appears to enter recent GNR shows, attempting to confront Axl, though it appears these may be troll jobs. He’s shared photos of himself with Axl Rose and Slash, which while real, are not dated.

Several Chinese Democracy era songs including Atlas Shrugged, Eye on You, and Hard School have been leaking in recent months, and Dunsford reportedly had possession of these songs and discs at one point, but he has denied being the leaker and claimed he tried to help Guns N’ Roses once the leaks started.

94.3 The Drive tweeted, “LISTEN: According to published stories, @GunsNRoses superfan @RickDunsford has been banned from GnR shows for life, and I spoke with him today. It’s a wild story, for sure. NOTE: We haven’t substantiated any of his allegations. – @FlyingKP #KPDrive.”

Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses declined an A-list star from making a movie about them. An account claiming to be Guns N’ Roses manager Fernando Lebeis wrote on Reddit a month ago, prior to Dunsford being allegedly banned from shows, to a fan who broke down some stories about the leaks, “Awesome breakdown. However it’s missing a lot of other shit that i suppose you and everyone isn’t privy too, understandable.

Only thing wrong on the above is is me standing by watching all of this happen with no intention on stopping it and holding people accountable to what the law allows it to. Rick has dug himself into a very deep hole. Can’t wait to cross paths. This week or next should mount up to a lot of loose ends being tied up.” Guns N’ Roses have not officially responded to the leaks, the Dunsford story, or the Fernando Lebeis Reddit account, though the admin of said he spoke to Lebeis who didn’t deny that the account was his, yet didn’t confirm it. Slash’s brother recently leaked a horrible Axl Rose wig photo.