Motley Crue Icon Reveals Terrible News From Doctor


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has been told that he’ll have to wear a cage stabilizer on his shoulder for another month.

“Dr said another month is this cage stabilizer for my shoulder. Since I can’t play bass, shoot photo sessions or workout I guess I’ll take to painting with my left hand at Funny Farm studios. Thinking of buying a projector to project my paintings on bodies when I can shoot again.”

He also recently posted, “Get me one of those Star Wars Störmtrooper helmets to go with this rig.— We can rebuild him, we have the technology. #SixxMillionDollarMan”

“The wife and my doctor would kill me but neither are here so whatever and yes those are pizza pants and an original photo of @officialqueenmusic taken by @therealmickrock… Anybody looking for a one armed bass player? #saturday @nikkisixxphotography @leica_camera +Post surgery mood swing.”

“I officially have 5 cadaver parts in the body now. Finally got the right shoulder repaired.All the rotators were completely torn off the bone. I seem to think it’s a good idea to break things on stage and there for I am always broken. Left knee fixed.

Left rotator cuff and bicep fixed.

Hip fixed.

Double hernia fixed.

And as I said before, right shoulder fixed.

Excited to heal up. Health is everything.Ready to get onstage and break stuff…#RocknRoll 🏴‍☠️”