Scott Weiland Classic Disrespected At Stone Temple Pilots Show


Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo revealed that fans disrespected the Scott Weiland classic “Glide” at a recent concert. Scott Weiland and John Frusciante surprising Kurt Cobain was recently revealed.

Dean said about playing a deep cuts only setlist in an interview with Guitar Interactive magazine, “We would never do that. I think that’s pretty selfish. We have to compile stuff that people want to hear, and we have a pretty good inkling of that… We normally do the song ‘Glide’ off the ‘No. 4’ record, and we were doing a show in the States, and these two women were right in front of me, and I could see their mouths. I couldn’t hear them, but I could plainly see what they were saying. We’re doing ‘Glide’, and Jeff [Gutt] sings it so beautifully — really, not an easy song to sing — and I saw the one girl look [over] and say, ‘What song is this?’ The other girl goes, ‘I don’t know.’ I think it would be pretty selfish to just go up there and play what we wanted to play.”

He said the band have a new album coming, “We just finished one… We kind of come into it with a fair amount of songs. For me, it’s like playing keep-up with my brother. Robert sets a high bar, and if I want a song on the record, I’ve got to raise my game. Jeff works really fast, and if a song isn’t coming together in minutes, [we say,] ‘Next.'”

Scott Stapp recently revealed a terrible Scott Weiland phone call. Dean said hiring Jeff Gutt was STP’s last option before disbanding, “We actually courted one another for a year and spent a lot of time together. We played music; we hung out before we solidified the agreement, whatever you want to call it. We spent a year together because we knew this was the final shot. This was it. If we didn’t get this right, it’s over, man. Put the fork in it. We had to really be very methodical and just make sure that Jeff was indeed the right guy. It was evident early on, but we did spend a year together, and the poor guy… We give him the gig, and he still couldn’t say anything. [We said,] ‘You’ve got to keep this under your hat.’ We met at our manager’s office and said, ‘Okay, man, we’d love to do this together. You can’t tell anybody.’ That’s awful. [Laughs]”

He added, “There was a lot of factors — Jeff’s ability to write, not only melodically, but lyrically. It was very evident from day one. The first day we went in the studio, we threw five songs at him, and he was hitting melody after melody.”