Motley Crue Icon Reveals Why He Can’t Sing


Nikki Sixx is many things and has lived through it all to truly say that he has done just about everything there is to do in the world of music. While Nikki has done enough to deserve a boast from time to time, he stays humble about one thing and that’s his singing.

Many have heard Nikki’s vocal work before and it’s truly far from bad at all. He does, in my opinion, have a good voice. Nikki Sixx went into some detail about his vocal work recently.

Nikki stated the following on the show ‘My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox’: “I don’t think of myself as a singer, but I’ll do background vocals. And what I learned about my voice is if I’m in the right key, I actually have some strength. So certain songs, like ‘Too Fast For Love’, the background vocals is perfect for me — it’s kind of a shout; there’s a melody in there a little bit, but it’s pretty punk rock. There’s no problems in there at all. Other songs, like ‘Girls Girls Girls’, it’s harder for me to hit some of those notes. So, yeah, there are things you learn about, and there are things you decide, like, ‘Is that an important thing for me right now?'”

Sixx closed by saying: “I will never be a solo artist, I don’t wanna be a solo artist. I’m not interested [in being] a solo artist. I’m a bandmember and project person, and the idea of putting out a solo record where I’m singing.” He then seemingly corrected himself. “I guess maybe — never say never — maybe someday maybe I’ll wanna do something like that.”

Special thanks to BlabberMouth.