Eddie Vedder Posts First TikTok Video


Pearl Jam singer recently created an official account on TikTok platform. After opening his Instagram account last year, Vedder have also opened his own TikTok account. His account is tiktok.com/@eddievedder.

Try a Pickle-Rita to celebrate the start of Eddie on TikTok. Stitch this and show your favorite cocktail. #Picklerita #Welcome #Rocktober

♬ original sound – Eddie Vedder

Chad Smith talks about Eddie Vedder

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith had previously talked about Vedder and playing more live shows with The Earthlings:

“I work a lot with the producer/musician Andrew Watt. He’s amazing. We did a couple of songs for Ed, and then it turned out great and we just ended up doing a whole record, which is excellent. I’ve known him forever. We took Pearl Jam on that first tour in 1991 way back when, and you know, obviously he’s an amazing musician and so fun to connect with on a musical level. We’ve played together but we’ve never recorded or done any shows. It was really fun. Easy, fast. You didn’t hear it from me, but Ed’s talking about doing [more solo tour] dates.”