Motley Crue Member Reacts To ‘Horrible’ Accusation


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx discussed his mother accusing his father of being a ‘horrible’ man in a touching Father’s Day Instagram post, and how being dragged into his parents’ issues damaged his familial relations, especially how he felt about his father.

“Parents shouldn’t involve their kids in adult issues. I spent most of my life believing my father was a horrible man. I guess my mom didn’t know any better. I am working towards peace. Happy Father’s Day dad and to all the men out there who show up and suit up for their beautiful kids.Best job on earth. #FathersDays.”

He also wrote, “It’s the hardest and most satisfying job you’ll ever hold in your life. #FathersDay”

Sixx also recently criticized internet reporting in a recent tweet, “It’s not about quality it’s about advertising 💰. Reality TV brought this to the forefront. Now most outlets only look for “Juicy” crap. Honestly, it has made many of us less interested in even doing much press anymore. I am very selective and some still twist shit up. #💰”

He wrote as well recently, “Wow what a night. @john5official ask me to be his best man and @rlowery asked my 8 1/2 month pregnant wife @how2girl to be her maid-of-honor and we’re so grateful to celebrate a 10 year anniversary and the renewing of their wedding vows. What a kick ass night. We love you. #HereComesTheBride ( AGAIN) ❤️”