Neil Young Spotify Paycheck Tweeted By Trevor Noah


Neil Young had previously told Spotify to delete his music from the streaming service due to their partnership with Joe Rogan. Young has backtracked, deleting his letter, and seemingly giving up his battle over Rogan. He was trolled for that move.

In a now-deleted letter posted on his website on Monday (24 January), the 76-year-old singer had expressed his displeasure of Spotify’s partnership with Rogan and his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, which according to Young, is spreading “false information” regarding vaccines.

The Daily Show and Trevor Noah troll Neil Young

Noah took to his Daily Show Twitter handle and sent out a sarcastic tweet about Young’s Spotify paycheck. He said: “Neil Young is gonna regret this when his monthly Spotify checks for $1.37 stop rolling in.”

Previously, the long-tenured UFC commentator, Rogan had discouraged young people from getting vaccinated. Rogan was also involved in a controversy as he had promoted the concept of taking deworming medication Ivermectin to treat the virus, without providing any medical evidence supporting it.

Howard Stern reacts to Neil Young’s comments

Despite criticizing the podcast superstar for taking Ivermectin instead of the vaccine, Howard Stern said he doesn’t want to see Joe Rogan canceled or even censored. Stern recently made the comments on Neil Young’s demands.

“I don’t listen to Joe Rogan. I know Joe from 100 years ago,” Stern said on his SiriusXM radio show. “We’re no longer friendly. We were friendly at one point — I just knew him as the funny guy, as a comedian — I knew him before he was on Fear Factor actually. I know that his podcast is very popular, they say.”

Stern continued that even though he and Rogan are no longer friends, he respects Rogan’s ability to build an audience. “I am for any performer who can get any money and get paid,” Stern said about Rogan’s $100 million deal for Spotify to host his podcast. “I’m happy for any young man or woman who can get paid in show business because so many people do not get paid. So those that can, god bless. It ain’t easy. It’s not an easy road. And attracting an audience is not easy.”