Motley Crue Post Mick Jagger Dressing Room Photo


There are so many similarities that you can paint between Motley Crue and The Rolling Stones. Taking out such things as drug addiction and crazy antics, we see so many other qualities that bring these two groups together. The tight grip that both bands have had on the world have been extremely sought after by all that have come after them. Both of these groups have had their life in photos and Nikki Sixx just dropped a very rare one at that.

Nikki Sixx took to Instagram to post up a very rare photo that is being unearthed for the 50th anniversary of the great and legendary photography taken by Jim Marshall. Jim has taken photos of everyone and seems to be a good luck charm for their careers. Jim Marshall has taken photos of Johnny Cash, Motley Crue, The Rolling Stones, and countless others.

The homage was paid to Jim Marshall from Nikki Sixx as the photo that he put up features the shot of Mick Jagger and Rose Taylor in a dressing room which seems to be before a show on the Rolling Stones 1972 tour. In fact, we are currently seeing The Rolling Stones gear up for a brand new tour of theirs.

Nikki stated the following in the Instagram caption: “Check out @jimmarshallphoto 50th anniversary edition with an essay by one honored motherfucker. -Preorder your copy of “The Rolling Stones 1972” 50th Anniversary Edition published by @chroniclebooks now! ⁣
New images and proof sheets as well as intriguing & insightful essays from Anton Corbijn & Nikki Sixx. Link to preorder in bio.⁣”

The photo has gained a ton of likes thus far and is currently heading towards twenty thousand likes currently. Many fans of both The Rolling Stones and Nikki Sixx are ready to read the essay that Nikki Sixx wrote in the book as it should have some very telling stories about everything that Jim experienced around such acts.